Such is the power of the human mind and our thoughts on our body.  It has been proven beyond doubt that there is a constant communication between the mind and body. Exercising and detoxing the mind is as important as exercising and detoxing the body.


If you are interested in self-healing, calming your mind and understanding more about your mind-body connection, then you have come to the right place! I want to share with you how to better connect with yourself and how in turn this can have a positive impact on your life and can help you to better handle any challenges in a more positive and less damaging way.

Hypnotherapy can help in many different areas of your life and is often responsible for completely shifting your mindset to that of a more positive one, which in turn enables you to overcome whatever it is that is holding you back and this can change your life!


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I am Hannah Moon and my passion is supporting and empowering women through the challenges life throws at us. 
I am a Certified Hypnotherapist, Hypnotic Fertility Practitioner, and Hypnotic Birthing Practitioner, as well as a 
registered member of the National Hypnotherapy Society.
I also offer womb massage, which is suitable for any woman who feels disconnected from themselves. 
I am based in Norwich, Norfolk, but I can work with you online from anywhere in the country! 

 I aim to give you a kind and welcoming space, where you feel safe to share your thoughts. 


Hannah Moon    Dip HYP CS,


Specialist Areas

* Anxiety and stress management 

* Menstrual Cycle Awareness 

* Fertility support

* HypnoBirthing

* Confidence building 

* Overcoming fears 

 * Emotional Eating

* Improved sleep

Although the above are examples of my main areas of specialism,  I like to spend time to understand your challenges and to be guided by what it is you feel you need, and together we can decide on the best treatment plan for you.  

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Hypnosis for weight loss
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what people say

"As with any new therapy, I was unsure how hypnosis would work for me or whether it would help. I have years of mental health problems and my physical health is also a massive concern. After each session with Hannah, I felt that a weight was being lifted and that I was becoming more able to deal with day to day situations. I have noticed a change in my outlook on life itself and the things I am experiencing. I think I have finally found a therapy which is actually going to help me long term."