Some people are able to get pregnant quite easily and for others it can take longer.  Unfortunately, a significant proportion of couples will experience difficulties conceiving and will need to seek help. There are many possible causes for these difficulties which can affect either partner, and these can be identified as physiological causes or unexplained, and the psychological implications can often be underestimated. 

The inability to conceive can be incredibly stressful and can bear a huge strain on you and your relationships. To experience these difficulties can cause all kinds of thoughts and emotions, it can impact on social relationships and cause a feeling of isolation and stress.  When a person or couple are told they are unable to have children naturally, it is not uncommon to experience symptoms typically associated with grief and loss. 

For people experiencing difficulties with fertility through natural conception or artificial reproductive technologies (ART) such as IVF, it is just as important to work with the emotional side of this experience as well as the physiological side.  When you have so much focus on conceiving and when this continues to not happen for you, it can evoke feelings of despair and distress.  Individuals and couples going through fertility issues can often feel very alone and it can become all consuming, and this can have a huge emotional impact.  It is not uncommon to develop beliefs that conceiving your own baby will never happen. This belief can become particularly strong for those who have experienced many months or years of not conceiving naturally or experienced IVF treatments that have not resulted in a successful pregnancy. Have you ever heard the phrase “if you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right?” Believing conception will not happen, can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Changing your mindset to that of a more positive outlook can have a massive impact on natural and IVF conception success and can improve your well-being by reducing stress levels associated with negative beliefs. This is easier said than done and why being able to access our subconscious mind can be the key to creating the positive changes we are looking for.


Of course, we are all individuals and there is no specific way you should be feeling, whatever you are experiencing is completely unique to you.  It is important to recognise the impact that our mind has on our body and how our thoughts and emotions can influence the internal hormonal balances.


         I can work with you in:

  • Helping to relieve stress and the impact this has on the delicate hormone balance.

  • Resolving any issues that may be affecting your ability to conceive and become a parent.

  • Connecting with your body and womb space to activate your mind-body connection and to be open to welcoming your baby into this space.  

  • Creating a more positive mindset throughout the rollercoaster ride of infertility.

  • Regain control over your life and to recognise you have a life outside of your fertility issues.


£65 per 60 minute session

Initial session 90 minutes: £75

When booking a block of 4 or more sessions, a discount will be applied.