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I specialise in reconnecting you with yourself and helping you to rediscover your inner power. Through hypnotherapy and relaxation, I aim to support you in feeling mentally prepared to make the positive changes you are seeking.  Holding a safe space for you to share is paramount for me, we all need an understanding ear at times and the power of listening and I mean REALLY listening, and without judgment, is so important to me.

I aim to empower you by sharing tools to overcome anything you may be going through and are needing support in. I will listen without judgment and will guide you using hypnotherapy to support you in reaching your goal, whatever that may be. If you are unsure of your goal, we can discover this together. 

The amazing thing about hypnotherapy is that after each session, you will feel calmer and yet empowered.  You will have tools to take back into your day to day life to help you on your journey.  Each session will help to uplift you further and before you know it, subtle changes have amounted to bigger changes, giving you back your power and control.  Through my own journey of self discovery, I have become inherently aware that as women, we can be disconnected from our true self, our bodies, and our feminine energy.  I invite you to rediscover yourself and to take back your power and control, and I would be honoured to walk on this journey with you.  It takes a strong person to reach out and to take positive steps forward to making such powerful life changes.

I welcome you in getting in touch and I endeavour to work with you in creating a personalised treatment plan to positively assist you in achieving your goal.

I hold recognised qualifications in hypnotherapy and counselling skills, which cover a broad spectrum of areas I am able to work with you in.  I am also a Certified Hypnotic Fertility Practitioner, specialising in fertility support for women and men hoping to conceive naturally or through ART.  I have always been fascinated by the mind-body connection and I know that hypnosis can play a powerful part in creating a positive and healthy mindset, this in turn has a positive impact on the body and how it functions.  If you take anxiety for example; when you are feeling anxious it can affect you physically, you might feel nauseous and have an upset stomach, you may breathe more quickly and sweat more, you may even find the anxiety affects your sleep. This shows the impact of the mind-body connection, if you begin to address these issues in the mind, you will begin to notice the positive influences that this will have on your body. 

Due to my own personal ongoing fertility journey, this is an area I have chosen to specialise in, and is very close to my heart.   I want you to know that I acknowledge how you are feeling and I understand just how difficult this can be for you individually and as a couple. To find out more about how I can support you in this area,  please visit my 'Fertility Support' page. 

We can start by arranging an initial no obligation telephone call and from there we would agree a time and date for the initial session. This first session would be slightly longer as it will consist of a full consultation and introduction to hypnosis, which will enable you to relax and experience some of the benefits of hypnosis.  

I am also  offering Womb and Fertility Massage, which is a nurturing and nourishing treatment. This massage helps women to reconnect with themselves and encourages balance to the reproductive, digestive and sacral areas..  Please ask me more about womb massage and how it can help you.

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