easibirthing® method

Hypnotherapy has been used in relation to childbirth throughout its history.

Hypnobirthing not only empowers you and your birth partner to feel more in control, it also gives you tools to better prepare you for the birth of your baby and all eventualities of birth, including when it does not appear to be going as planned.  Dr Grantly Dick-Read was well known in the 1920’s and 1930’s for his approach to childbirth, he believed there was a connection between fear and pain during labour. This inspiration originated from a woman who birthed her baby with ease, despite refusing anaesthesia.  After giving birth the woman had said ‘it didn’t hurt. It wasn’t meant to, was it, doctor?'

Women who created a more focussed and hypnotic like mindset to birthing their baby, found they did not require pain relief and could birth their baby more easily.  Through creating a calm, confident, and controlled mindset and along with relaxation and mobility, discomfort can be managed and a good birth can be achieved. 

Breathing techniques are an invaluable part of the hypnobirthing program, and by slowing down the breath and bringing awareness to it, it enables the heart to beat more evenly and slowly. Slow deep breaths send the message from the heart and lungs that all is safe outside and this is then received by the primal part of the brain as a safety message. Hypnobirthing incorporates guided visualisations and audio recordings to listen to and practise at home, these will contain positive suggestions to support you in creating a calm, confident, controlled mindset.  Hypnosis for childbirth is a combination of different techniques and tools and when practised, create a positive shift in mindset.

There are positive benefits of using hypnobirthing techniques during pregnancy and labour for the baby also, the main benefits being that the baby will feel much calmer after birth and will sleep and feed better than a baby who has endured tension and anxiety during pregnancy and labour.  

Birthing a baby and bringing life into this world is something truly incredible and to be celebrated, with less focus on negative experiences and more focus on the positive possibilities!


Full course including 4 x 90 minute sessions, MP3 audio files, and takeaway information sheets sheets:  £260


Individual session: £80 per 90 minutes