It is natural to have feelings of self doubt at times.  However, if these feelings are holding you back and preventing you from moving forwards, it might be time to address them.  It is not uncommon to lose your confidence through life experiences, it can be a gradual process that you might have been unaware of taking place, until one day you step back and realise, "this isn't me anymore; I have lost myself somehow." 

Through hypnosis, I can help you to find your inner confidence and rebuild your self-esteem to enable you to positively step forward to reach your goals.

I can also assist you for confidence building for a specific event. Maybe you have an exam or a work presentation approaching or maybe you are feeling nervous about an upcoming driving test or job interview, whatever it might be hypnotherapy can help to prepare you for such events.



Fear is the word we use to describe our emotional reaction to something that seems dangerous to us.
Sometimes our fear stems from real threats, but it can also originate from imagined dangers.

Fear can cause irrational thoughts and can cause you to avoid things or situations that make you feel unsafe or unsure.  If fear is holding you back, it is time to explore how changing your mindset can give you back the control.

I can work with you to address these fears and to help manage your thoughts in a more positive way.

Are you ready to make a life change and create a more positive mindset for yourself?



£65 per 60 minute session

Initial session 90 minutes: £75

When booking a block of 4 or more sessions, a discount will be applied.