Emotional eating is when you respond to stressful, difficult feelings by eating, even when not experiencing physical hunger. Emotional eating or emotional hunger is often a craving for high-calorie or high-carbohydrate foods that have minimal nutritional value. The foods that emotional eaters crave are often referred to as comfort foods.

Psychologically, people who tend to connect food with comfort, power, positive feelings, or for any other reasons than providing fuel to their body can be prone to emotional eating. They may eat to fill an emotional void and engage in mindless eating. Some people whose emotions cause them to eat may have been raised to connect food with feelings instead of sustenance, particularly if food was scarce or often used a reward or punishment, or as a substitute for emotional intimacy.

I can work with you to give you the tools and techniques to cope with the thoughts and habits which lead you to overeat. After each session, these coping mechanisms can become easier for you to use and develop. As confidence and self-esteem levels increase, negative emotions can be effectively dealt with and eating problems can be resolved.

This enables you to develop a sense of awareness and to dissociate emotional hunger from physical hunger. The healing process can begin. 



As I am sure you are aware, there are many benefits to stopping smoking. Within just 20 minutes of stopping smoking, your body already begins to positively react, with your blood and pulse rates dropping to a normal level, and within 24 hours your chance of a heart attack will decrease. Within 1-9 months the lungs begin to regenerate and energy levels will increase. Tiredness, shortness of breath, coughing and sinus problems will all decrease. Your risk of heart disease and lung cancer will be significantly reduced as time goes on. The list goes on!

Interestingly, even though your conscious mind is aware of the negative impact smoking has on your health, your subconscious mind holds other beliefs and makes stopping smoking difficult. This combined the fact that the nicotine within a cigarette is so addictive, can make stopping smoking a challenge.  

Hypnosis for smoking cessation is made up of one single session lasting 1.5 - 2 hours. We will work together to uncover your subconscious blocks and through hypnosis you can positively change your mindset to reach your goal of becoming a non-smoker!




£55 per 60 minute session

Initial session 90 minutes: £75

When booking a block of 4 or more sessions, a discount will be applied.


£ 200 for your exclusive smoking cessation session.


This will include an initial consultation via phone call.