Research has shown that hypnotherapy can help to relieve anxiety and stress. 

With the constant pressures that you can experience in your daily life, it is not uncommon to feel as though things have gotten on top of you and you may be finding it difficult to manage your emotions.  As well as looking after your body, it is so important  to make sure you are kind to your mind and to know that you deserve time to work on this as much as any other part of you.  You may or may not be aware of what is causing you feelings of stress or anxiety, and these feelings may be recent feelings or something you have been feeling for some time.  Either way, there are many ways hypnosis can help to lift these feelings and help you to a place where you feel more positive.


I will work with you using hypnosis to promote calmness and relaxation within yourself, and this can help you to eliminate your feelings of anxiety or stress.  Whatever the cause of your negative feelings, I can help you to reach a place where you can take a more calmer approach to situations that are causing you worry or concern. 


Initial session 90 minutes: £75

£65 per 60 minute session

When booking a block of 4 or more sessions, a discount will be applied.